Reinstatement Petition
Submit the reinstatement petition below to find out if you will be eligible for admission or readmission to General Studies degree program
Reinstatement Petition

To avoid delays in processing your request, please read the following guidelines carefully and complete all the requested information.

Students who have been dismissed from any campus of Indiana University or Purdue University or any postsecondary institution are not eligible for admission or readmission to the General Studies degree program until they submit a Reinstatement Petition. Students who have been dismissed once are not eligible to apply for admission/reinstatement for one academic year (if dismissed at the end of the Fall 2011 term, student cannot petition for admission/reinstatement until Spring 2013). Petitions are not accepted for any summer term. Students petitioning for reinstatement must demonstrate by the petition that they have prepared themselves to have a reasonable chance of success if reinstated. Reinstatement is not automatic. It is important to submit complete essay answers to questions 9, 10, and 11 in the text areas provided. Make sure the completed petition and all supporting materials are received by the deadline. The decision of the committee will be sent via email.

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Petition Deadlines:

July 1 for the fall term
October 1 for the spring term

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