Degree Requirements
Find out your degree requirements and how you can learn more by scheduling an online advising appointment...
Degree Requirements

To receive a Bachelor of General Studies degree you must earn 120 semester hours of credit.

Credit hours earned must be from two different departments with a C- or better.

Degree Requirements:

General Studies Online Interactive Advising
Students are taking online distance education classes in much greater numbers than in the past. Students also are taking advantage of classes that are located off-campus. The concept of distance advising is a natural outgrowth of both online and off-campus class offerings. If we provide classes where students are never on campus, classes where they can go directly from work or home, should we not provide the same level of convenience to their advising needs? Online Interactive Advising is a method to go beyond the office and serve students where they are at times that are convenient to them.

Online Interactive Advising uses features of Adobe Connect to provide students with a virtual advising session in real time. All students need to access this format is a computer and a high speed internet connection (cable, DSL). If a student has a web camera she/he can communicate with the advisor, face to face while being miles apart. If the student does not have a web camera they can communicate with the advisor via a built in chat session or use the telephone. The advisor can present documents to the student and video/PowerPoint presentations.

Anywhere real time personal advising has arrived. General Studies advisors are pleased to offer this option to our students.