Alumni & Donors
The role of Alumni and Donors is important to the success of our current students...
What do our Alumni and Donors do?

The IUPUI Community Learning Network is committed to ensuring that learners in Central Indiana have access to the education and training they want and need in today's world. You have an opportunity to help "Achieve that Goal".

Alumni and Noncredit Certificate Program graduates, remember how you wanted to "Achieve that Goal"?

As alumni and donors of the IU General Studies Degree Program at IUPUI, your contributions to the program and its scholarships will enable students who need additional financial resources in order to complete their degree to "Achieve that Goal". Or, to help General Studies students wanting to add an international experience in their portfolio to "Achieve that Goal".

As graduates of the Continuing Education certificate programs, your contributions can assist a learner who needs to fine-tune technical skills or alter a career path to "Achieve that Goal".

The opportunities to meet the needs of learners are endless. You can make a difference and help other learners in Central Indiana "Achieve that Goal".

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Alumni & Donors

For additional information, please contact:

Susan Kigamwa
Development Officer

IUPUI Community Learning Network
518 Indiana Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202